A smashing new Glue release takes VR onboarding to the new level!

Jussi Havu
December 20, 2023

HELSINKI—DECEMBER 20, 2023—Glue Collaboration, the leader in enterprise and  business virtual reality, today announced a new release of Glue.

With this release, Glue offers a new spatial tutorial and onboarding experience, provides a significant boost to performance and introduces a new HandUI. Glue users are also delighted with Business Campus, the latest addition to our lineup of Glue Spaces.

Onboarding to Glue got much easier and more fun

Glue’s new onboarding experience makes getting started with VR easier than ever!

Learn how to make use of Glue’s virtual spaces, work with files and 3D objects, and get the most out of Glue’s collaboration tools—all in a fun and interactive way.

You can enter the space to practice by yourself and at your own pace, or as a group with others in your team.

What’s more, this environment is also available without the tutorial content, as a normal (but awesome) Glue Space and it goes by the name of Business Campus.

You can now find it as a Glue Space Template on each Glue Team. 

Glue’s handy new feature – HandUI

The Glue December release improves usability by bringing VR users immediate access to the most relevant status information with HandUI. Time, the battery status of your VR headset, and the ability to switch your microphone on or off are now conveniently within reach all the time. 

And you also access your tablet via HandUI, your newly upgraded wrist menu.

The automatic accessibility mode enables you to keep working even if you can only use one controller.

Improving your overall Glue experience

With this release, Glue is becoming more efficient: We’ve been optimizing our code to get more performance out of your hardware.

Significantly improved transmission and handling of real-time traffic in Glue sessions reduce required computational resources for everything from audio workloads and object movement networking to entering a space.

These performance improvements make your Glue experience smoother, faster and more solid on all hardware platforms. 

Oh and just one more thing, you can now attach imported images to whiteboards just like notes!

If you are a new or seasoned Glue user, you’re going to love this release!

The new release of Glue is available today for all users.

Ready to learn more about team engagement in VR?

Book a demo to explore VR business opportunities
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Ready to learn more about team engagement in VR?

Book a demo to explore VR business opportunities
for your business.

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