Universal Collaboration Platform.

Glue Platform.

Glue is a virtual extension of your workplace ー a space where dispersed, high-performance teams come together to learn, share, plan and create.

True presence

Interact with others remotely as if you were face to face


Access a complete toolset for effective live collaboration


Create your own custom virtual spaces and scenarios

Secure & scalable

Deploy in public cloud or host in your own infrastructure

Our Story.

Our mission is to help people and teams around the world collaborate in more human, productive and sustainable ways.


Several early adopter customers are already working with us
to develop and utilize the next generation virtual collaborations.

What’s new from Glue?

Remote working the right way

Remote working the right way

Is the pandemic leading us into a golden age of remote working? A cursory scan of headlines over the past few months would have us believe so.

We believe Glue should be the place where you can do your best work.
Accordingly, we have integrated several features, capabilities and benefits into Glue to empower you and your team to work remotely the right way.

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User interfaces: Picking the right tool for the job

User interfaces: Picking the right tool for the job

Decades of two-dimensional user interface design aren’t for nothing.

In everything from road signs and phone menus to car dashboards and ATMs, 2D UIs have demonstrated their enduring appeal. Familiarity is crucial to users. But so too is functionality. Those two things were important when we weighed up the pros and cons of 2D versus 3D UIs in Glue.

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