Universal Collaboration Platform

Glue is a platform for all your virtual collaborations

Glue facilitates virtual face-to-face collaborations in custom environments. Glue meetings are accessible on a variety of hardware platforms: VR, AR, mobile, and desktop.

Feature rich collaboration

Collaborate intuitively in contextual meeting environments. Feel true human presence with expressive avatars. Have efficient meetings using digital meeting room tools and accessories.

  • Spatial presence
  • Collaboration tool set
  • Contextual meeting environments

All your use cases

Glue is a customizable platform for all your collaborations. Utilize your 3D designs, content, products and custom environments. Solve your collaboration needs with customized content. Now and in the future.

  • Teamwork: Meetings, workshops, design reviews
  • Trainings: From one-on-one to certified systems
  • Sales: Product showcases, branded experiences

Secure and scalable

Glue architecture is secure and scalable. It is hosted in an industry standard cloud, but you can also run the service in your own infrastructure. Your confidential information can be hosted within your own systems and protected with your own security standards.

  • Your cloud and server solutions
  • Your security standards
  • Unlimited users and meetings

Glue in short

The workplace of tomorrow needs seamless virtual collaboration. Welcome to the world of Glue.

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Early adopters and partners

Various early adopters and partners are already working with us to develop and utilize the next generation virtual collaborations.

Toyota Microsoft HP Duodecim Telia Sovelto Reaktor Helsinki University