Virtual collaboration with any device

Your hosting service for collaborative virtual reality

Create and manage virtual scenes for meetings. Meet your colleagues in the scenes. Meetings in Glue scenes are accessible with various devices – VR, AR, mobile or desktop. Glue brings the best out of your people by unlocking natural online collaboration.

Enhanced communication

Glue enables presence with more dimensions. With Glue, you have an inclusive freedom of movement and expression in virtual 3D environments.

Boosted productivity

Glue is your tool for efficient teamwork, learning and creating benefits. Turn the ordinary meetings into extraordinary experiences.

Cut-down costs

Glue reduces physical travel costs and time, without giving up the treasured human touch. Say hello to the best recipe for profit, and the go-to option in pursuit of the biggest business goals.

Glue is great for

Online meetings

Let your teams and their remote members enjoy meeting spaces and meeting room tools that beat the brick and mortar alternatives.


Success and innovations require active workshopping. Now you can finally have efficient and inspiring online workshops.


Learn like never before. Your best remote specialists can teach others in contextual interactive spaces.


All features are tailored to your device to always deliver the best possible meeting experience. Our feature development is driven by our love for human collaboration, ease of use and human presence.