Come together.

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Virtual collaboration with any device

Glue facilitates face-to-face collaboration through a variety of platforms: VR, AR, mobile, and desktop. This isn’t just another video-call solution: with Glue, you'll control a personalized avatar that interacts with virtual scenes, using visionary tools to deliver a state-of-the-art presentation. All without leaving the room you’re in.

Glue helps you drive home a message as if you were there.

Enhanced communication

Message’s effectiveness depends on body language. By perfecting the concept of presence, Glue raises online communication to another level. Move around and express emotions subtle or broad. Make eye contact. After just a few seconds, you'll feel everyone is in the same room with you.

Boosted productivity

Getting everyone in the same room often means scheduling difficulties and expensive trips. For a fraction of the price, Glue provides instant presence, removing these obstacles so you can focus on the important stuff: like having productive conversations with your team and hitting your business goals.

Tomorrow starts today

With Glue, the question of “Where are my team members located?” becomes unimportant compared to the opportunity to collaborate in a shared virtual space that looks and feels comfortable. Glue is at the forefront of the virtual work revolution, and you can be too.

Glue is great for

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Online meetings

Let your teams and their remote members enjoy meeting spaces and meeting room tools that beat the brick and mortar alternatives.

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Success and innovations require active workshopping. Now you can finally have efficient and inspiring online workshops.

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Learn like never before. Your best remote specialists can teach others in contextual interactive spaces.

Tailored, human-centric features

Our product and our people are driven by a love for human collaboration and accessibility. That’s why all of Glue's features are tailored to your preferred device, equating to the best possible meeting experience, every time.