Goodbye Traditional Online Meetings.

Welcome glue!

Human Presence.

Whenever, wherever.

glue supports all devices from high-end VR to mobile devices.

glue utilizes the best functionalities from each device to deliver comfortable human presence and functional meeting space.

Key Features

Human Presence Avatars

Our avatar technology emphasises important nonverbal communication.

Contextual Space

Utilize your own 3D models or choose any of our available inspiring spaces.

Zero Travelling

Better presence and collaboration tools enable all kinds of special meetings without useless travelling.

Best Specialists

Your very best specialists can meet others in agile on-demand meetings.

Better Collaboration

Advanced virtual tools enable even special meetings and collaborative sessions.

Faster Projects

All new meetings and collaboration sessions will revolutionalize your processes for good.

Start Your

Next Level

Remote Presence

glue is available for pilot customers and pilot projects. Contact us for a demo session and join the forerunners!