Universal Collaboration Platform.

Glue is a virtual extension of your workplace ー a space where dispersed, high-performance teams come together to learn, share, plan and create.

True presence

Interact with others remotely as if you were face to face


Access a complete toolset for effective live collaboration


Create your own custom virtual spaces and scenarios

Secure & scalable

Deploy in public cloud or host in your own infrastructure

Our mission is to help people and teams around the world collaborate in more human, productive and sustainable ways.

Value to Customers.

By having their meetings in Glue, our customers can reduce their business travel and save time and money

“Glue allows us to present our production lines as in the real world, everywhere and anytime.”
Veikko Nieminen
Sales and Marketing Director
“Glue as a training platform can replace the traditional classroom style trainings.”
Risto Linturi
Executive Catalyst, Chairman
“Doctors and nurses can train their acute care skills anywhere and anytime in Glue.”
Pekka Mustonen

What’s new from Glue?

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