Research on remote work and job outcomes

Polina Glukhova
November 14, 2023
remote work and job outcomes

The research on remote work and job outcomes explored how software quality affects job performance. These are the key drivers of better remote work outcomes:

1. Interactive Technologies

Technologies facilitating rich interactions among coworkers improve work processes and job outcomes. This collaborative approach enhances overall team effectiveness.

2. Software Excellence

Higher software quality reduces the negative impacts of remote tools, improving digital collaboration effectiveness. The positive influence is key in fostering seamless and productive remote work.

3. Enhanced Social Presence

Tech with a strong social presence, like virtual reality (VR), enhances social exchange between remote workers. This fosters a more connected and collaborative virtual working environment, thereby improving the quality of the remote work experience.

These research findings showcase that with quality software and rich virtual interactions among colleagues, remote work can be highly productive and contribute to positive job outcomes.

Source: “Telecommuting and Job Outcomes: A Moderated Mediation Model of System Use, Software Quality, and Social Exchange”

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