Key findings from a study on remote work

Polina Glukhova
November 7, 2023
remote work research results

Key findings from a study on remote work conducted in US federal agency:

1. Accountability and Responsibility

Participants of the research noted that remote work held them accountable for their work in an equitable manner, compared to workers in the traditional office setting. This finding emphasizes the potential of remote work to foster responsibility and productivity.

2. Stronger Bonds Through Technology

The enhanced technology and virtual connections have not only bridged geographical gaps but also fostered the development of strong bonds among colleagues.

3. Embracing Independence

According to the study, 78% of employees agreed that working independently is important to them. This independence empowers individuals to better manage their tasks and schedules, ultimately contributing to enhanced productivity and job satisfaction.

These findings illustrated once again the positive outcomes of remote work, including enhanced accountability, strong team connections, and the importance of independence.

They provide valuable insights for both employees and organizations navigating the changing landscape of work.

Source: Assessment of Telework in a Federal Agency at the Operational Phase” 2021

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