Negative outcomes of multitasking during remote meetings

Polina Glukhova
October 10, 2023
negative outcome of remote meetings

Recent research sheds light on the impact of multitasking during remote meetings:

1. Loss of attention & engagement

Multitasking diverts our attention from the meeting’s primary focus. It’s easy to get caught up in other tasks, leading to reduced engagement and the risk of missing crucial information.

2. Mental fatigue

Juggling multiple tasks during a remote meeting can be mentally exhausting. It strains our cognitive resources, leaving us drained and less productive after a meeting.

3. Perceived Disrespect

Multitasking during a meeting can convey a sense of disrespect to the presenter and other participants. It sends a message that the meeting’s content is not worth one’s undivided attention.

These findings emphasize the importance of being fully #present and engaged during remote meetings to maximize their effectiveness and maintain respectful communication.

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Source: “Large Scale Analysis of Multitasking Behavior During Remote Meetings” 2021

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