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Jussi Havu
September 21, 2023
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HELSINKI—SEPTEMBER 21, 2023—Glue Collaboration, the leader in collaborative, real-time VR software services, today announced a new release of Glue, bringing a new level of productivity with ease of sharing content.

Effortless presenting has true value

Efficient and enjoyable remote collaboration depends on tools that work without friction. Being able to reliably present any content to all participants is essential for productive meetings.

Having all the content you need, effortlessly at your fingertips and ready to be presented using any device, can elevate your virtual collaboration to have a completely new level of value and productivity.

Delivering a seamless solution with GlueCast

After dedicated effort and a long journey, we are excited to announce the arrival of GlueCast — our completely new and improved, universal presenting technology for both VR and desktop.

Our WebRTC-based, industry-leading sharing technology brings easy to use, secure and reliable content sharing to all users, wherever they are. This level of seamless presenting capability is now available for the first time on standalone VR devices.

Ease of use, security and reliability for every VR and Desktop user

Glue’s encrypted communication thru WebRTC tunneling enables presenting even across heavily secured networks, without the need for firewall modifications.

Our advanced media manager architecture handles automatic reconnections, resynchronization and provides optimal image quality from presenting devices. This ensures high-quality, synchronized content sharing among all participants, regardless of network quality or device constraints.

While we handle the technical side, all you need to do is pick your content and flip the switch to present it. It’s that easy.

The new release of Glue is available today for all users.

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