How world-class hybrid & remote teams work

Polina Glukhova
July 25, 2023
world-class remote teams way of work

Truly exceptional teams display agility, adaptability, and foster high levels of collaboration among members, including robust asynchronous collaboration.

But how can you transform your team into a high-performing remote team?

To become a world-class team, here are the 2 main areas to focus on when transitioning from traditional ways of collaboration to remote:

1. Effective collaboration practices 

Remote collaboration requires a different approach than in-person collaboration. Emphasizing asynchronous collaboration before any meeting takes place is crucial for remote teams.

Meetings, on the other hand, should prioritize active engagement, dynamic discussions, debates, and decision-making.

2. Bond building practises

One significant challenge faced by remote workers is the feeling of isolation and disconnection. However, this challenge can be overcome with purposeful, remote-focused team-bonding practices such as team-building, virtual check-ins, coffee breaks and other forms of non-work related communication.

Companies like Dropbox and Mindbloom have successfully implemented such practices, resulting in strengthened relationships among colleagues.

By incorporating these powerful principles, your hybrid or remote team can achieve world-class performance and enhance the overall productivity of the company.

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Source: “Boost your collaboration to become a top remote and hybrid working team” WEF 2023


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