Spatial audio is vital for presence in VR

Polina Glukhova
July 18, 2023
spatial audio in virtual reality

Research on audio in virtual reality concluded:

Audio has a significant impact on presence and realism in VR


Audio plays a crucial role in creating a sense of true presence or a feeling of “being there” in VR.

When the audio is well-designed and fits the virtual experience, it helps immerse users in the virtual world and create a more convincing and believable experience.

The results of the study have shown that creating a plausible soundscape evidently made the study participants feel more present and the virtual reality appear more real.

That’s why, here at Glue, we place great importance on sound and environmental audio. With the use of spatial audio, a discussion in Glue feels like a discussion in a real space. Ensures that your virtual collaboration is seamless and productive.

Learn more about Glue’s spatial audio and true presence.

Source: “Audio in VR: Effects of a soundscape and movement-triggered step sounds on presence” 2020

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