McKinsey’s path to enterprise metaverse

Polina Glukhova
June 6, 2023

In their article, McKinsey Digital talked about moving from one digital twin to the enterprise metaverse. Here are 3 steps to consider:

1. Build your first digital twin

The first digital twin should be based on value drivers, reuse potential, and data feasibility factors. This way it will generate value for the critical business functions and will be the basis for future use cases.

2. Prepare more digital twins and connect them

Interconnecting two or more digital twins enables companies to simulate complex relationships, uncover valuable behavioural insights, and enhance use cases.

3. Transform the digital-twin network into the enterprise metaverse

Connecting digital twins across domains forms the enterprise metaverse, enabling holistic organizational representation. It provides an opportunity to reimagine experiences and processes in a digital context, aiming for improved outcomes rather than replicating existing ones.

Building an enterprise metaverse may pose challenges, but starting with the first digital twin and exploring its potential benefits can drive improved business performance.

Source: Digital twins: From one twin to the enterprise metaverse


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