Glue Customer Showcase: Deutsche Telekom MMS

Jussi Havu
May 22, 2023
customer story Deutsche Telekom mms

Deutsche Telekom MMS supports large corporations and medium-sized companies in their digital transformation with around 2,100 employees at nine locations. Deutsche Telekom MMS develops end-to-end experiences, which goes beyond digital with the use of virtual reality technology.

The Deutsche Telekom MMS team has used Glue for workshops, prototyping, planning sessions, and review meetings for more than 2 years.

“It is amazing how natural communication in VR feels. Working in VR has totally changed the way we work internally and with our customers.” says Rafaela Sieber, Head of Extended Reality at Deutsche Telekom

Now, Deutsche Telekom MMS has expanded the use of VR in their operations further by bringing custom spaces in Glue.

“Together with the Glue team, we have designed custom spaces to match our needs. We have generated our own MMS Campus and a digital twin of the headquarters of Deutsche Telekom.” states Rafaela.

Working on these new spaces has been a pleasure for the Glue Team and we are happy to see that new virtual spaces facilitate the collaboration between Deutsche Telekom MMS and their customers.

“It is great to see how Glue helps to solve business challenges and provides a platform for our customers, such as Deutsche Telekom MMS, to create innovative solutions and solve their digital business problems” says Jussi Havu, CEO of Glue Collaboration.

Watch the video to learn more about the Glue & Deutsche Telekom MMS collaboration.

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