VR collaboration increases learning

Polina Glukhova
May 9, 2023
vr collaboration increases learning outcomes

The research on collaborative learning in immersive virtual reality (IVR) draws insightful results:

1. Actively collaborating participants scored higher for learning than participants who only watched an instructional guide’s avatar and discussed what they learned.

2. Collaborative building of a virtual representation of knowledge in IVR showed positive effects on learning compared to having an IVR experience in groups without collaboration.

These findings prove that immersive VR is a useful tool for learning and education. The benefits of VR learning can be applied to business settings to enhance employees upskilling and training as well as foster collaboration in teams even remotely.

Moreover, VR is a unique medium where it is possible to build things and experiences that are impossible or too expensive to do in the real world. It opens new opportunities for creativity, simulations and idea generation.

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Source: Collaborative Tasks in Immersive Virtual Reality Increase Learning”

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