Remote collaboration boosts work performance

Polina Glukhova
April 11, 2023
remote collaboration boosts work performance

Recent research on remote work transition identified that remote work tasks and workplace suitability positively impact collaboration and work performance. However, to reap benefits from remote work, companies need to foster team collaboration through workspace and task suitability.

What are the key takeaways and practical implications for the companies?

1. Companies should focus on improving communication in teams. This can be achieved by implementing immersive communication tools like virtual reality (VR), which can effectively prevent employees from feeling isolated and promote collaboration.

2. Suitable remote work tasks enable autonomy, social support, and professional growth, and are essential for achieving collaboration and work performance. Collaboration plays a mediating role between task suitability and work performance.

Remote work boosts performance, but it requires adjustments to the way we work. Companies can improve their productivity in a remote work environment by enhancing communication technology and adapting tasks to suit remote work requirements.

This approach leads to a successful and productive remote work environment that ultimately boosts company performance.

Source: “How can the transition from office to telework be managed? The impact of tasks and workplace suitability on collaboration and work performance”

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