Top Strategic Technology Trends 2023

Polina Glukhova
January 3, 2023
current and future opportunities in the metaverse

Starting 2023 with “Top Strategic Technology Trends 2023” from Gartner. The report identified 9 technology trends, each of which drives either (1) business optimization, (2) scaling of the business or (3) pioneering and reinventing business models.

Metaverse is one of the technology trends that Gartner positions in the Pioneering Opportunity category. With the metaverse, companies are developing ways to provide better engagement, collaboration and connection to their employees through virtual workspaces.

Gartner illustrated in a graph how metaverse provides opportunities across the business value chain from customer service and brand influence to training, sales and meetings.

At Glue, we believe that metaverse and virtual experiences can both optimize the business via better remote meetings and more efficient training as well as improve business outcomes of sales and events with visually rich virtual spaces and engaging experiences.

Source: “Top Strategic Technology Trends 2023” Gartner

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