How WFH feasibility affects firm performance

Polina Glukhova
December 20, 2022
digital resilience of firms

Today we highlight interesting results from the paper on the firm’s digital resilience and work-from-home (WFH) performance.

The key finding of the research is that firms with high pre-pandemic WFH feasibility had higher net incomes, sales, and better stock market performance during the pandemic compared to the firms with lower pre-pandemic WFH indices.

Why did companies with WFH feasibility perform better?

1. Having WFH practices in place provided effective collaboration & faster response to the unexpected situation

2. Enabling remote work minimized interruptions in the firm’s operations

3. Hiring for remote positions avoided the scarce of resources

Now remote work has become the new norm and companies are actively implementing new ways of remote collaboration to optimize productivity and performance. Finding the right tools for remote work is one of the main success factors.

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Source: Digital resilience: How work-from-home feasibility affects firm performance

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