Benefits of the metaverse for business

Polina Glukhova
October 25, 2022
Glue insights benefits of the metaverse for business

Deloitte recently published a comprehensive “Welcome to the metaverse” report covering the topic from different points of view, and in today’s Glue Insights we wanted to highlight the identified benefits of metaverse for businesses.

Benefits of Metaverse for businesses according to Deloitte include:
💰 New revenue streams and business models
🧑‍💼 New ways of working
⚙️ Improved operations

While some of the benefits will only materialize in the long term, others are relevant already today. Especially, the new ways of working are getting more popular as companies realized that with remote work they need new methods of efficient collaboration and communication.

VR and Metaverse provide clear benefits for remote work such as true presence and complete focus on a discussed subject, a high level of non-verbal communication and powerful virtual tools for productive virtual meetings.

Companies like IQM, T-Systems MMS, and Axel Springer have already implemented the use of VR in their operations. If you want to get more inspiration on how to implement Metaverse into your business, learn more about these Glue Customer Stories.

Source: Welcome to the Metaverse” Deloitte

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