Gains from VR/AR solutions

Polina Glukhova
October 11, 2022
Glue insights gains of VR/XR

EU Commission published a VR/AR Industrial Coalition Strategic paper comprehensively talking about the opportunities, challenges and potential of the industry to digitalise the working processes of enterprises.

As the main Insight, we’ve chosen to emphasise the identified gains of VR/AR solutions for business. These gains are a motivation for businesses to adopt new technologies in order to positively impact the profit margin by increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

Higher efficiency is the leading benefit identified which is not surprising because companies often start by adopting new technologies for internal purposes, e.g. using VR for design, prototyping, training etc.

Another benefit worth mentioning is the improved performance of employees. Due to immersive spaces and the high level of non-verbal communication of VR, virtual meetings can be as great as face-to-face, decrease fatigue and boost communication between colleagues.

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Source: VR/AR Industrial Coalition

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