The efficacy of VR training

Polina Glukhova
September 27, 2022
skills trained in VR

“Virtual reality-trained participants had significantly higher accuracy and produced fewer timeouts than those trained using non-interactive methods, demonstrating a successful transfer of skills between virtual reality and the real world.”

This is a result of the study on the efficacy of training a complex skill within an immersive virtual environment by Dobrowolski P., Skorko M., Pochwatko, G., Myśliwiec, M., & Grabowski, A. The result supports the core use case of immersive VR for training purposes.

We see that the key benefits of VR for training are the following:

1️⃣ An immersive environment keeps you focused on a subject
2️⃣ Possibility to simulate different scenarios & outcomes
3️⃣ High level of non-verbal communication as on a face-to-face meeting

VR is a useful tool for training due to the high level of engagement & focus on a particular task of learning a skill. These benefits can improve the learning outcomes and provide a cost-efficient solution for employees’ training.

Source: Immersive Virtual Reality and Complex Skill Learning: Transfer Effects After Training in Younger and Older Adults

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