What businesses plan to do in the metaverse

Polina Glukhova
September 20, 2022
business do in metaverse

PwC conducted a survey of over 5K consumers & 1K business leaders to find out how companies use metaverse now & what they expect from it in the future. And in fact, 82% of executives expect metaverse plans to be part of their business activities within 3 years.

The survey also concluded that most business leaders are interested in enterprise use cases such as onboarding, training and internal communication as illustrated in the graph.

Not surprising since internal use cases are a great way to get your organization started with metaverse. Moreover, there are enterprise-ready metaverse solutions available at a reasonable cost. All you need is headsets & virtual reality collaboration platform that will allow you to test the use cases.

If you are looking for examples of successful metaverse use case implementations, check out the Glue customer showcases to learn how T-Systems MMS, IQM and Axel Springer implemented VR for their operations.

Source: PwC 2022 US Metaverse Survey

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