Purposefully designed virtual spaces

Polina Glukhova
August 30, 2022
virtual space

Why a virtual space should be well designed & match the purpose of your virtual meeting?

Mark Roman Miller, Neeraj Sonalkar, Ade Mabogunje, Larry Leifer, and Jeremy Bailenson, from Stanford University, conducted research on synchrony in three-person teams and tested 2 virtual environments for the same task, an informal garage and a traditional conference room. The results showed that virtual location has a significant effect on synchrony as the conference room showed a higher level of synchrony.

The virtual environment provides an immersive experience in which a person feels like being in a real physical place. Some people even experience a fear of heights when a virtual space is designed on a rooftop. This indicates that people react to virtual spaces in the same way as to physical ones. Hence when using VR for business meetings, you need to pay attention to the design of your virtual spaces to maximize the productivity of your team.

In Glue, we have purposefully designed virtual spaces for your team’s needs. Your team can choose one of the pre-build Glue spaces for scrum meetings, workshops, presentations etc. and enjoy productive meetings without hustle. To bring your virtual experience to the next level, you can also build your own custom virtual space to suit your specific needs. 

Source: Synchrony within Triads using Virtual Reality


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