Post Covid-19 study of Microsoft US employees

Polina Glukhova
June 28, 2022
Post Covid-19 study of Microsoft US employees

“Remote work caused the collaboration network of workers to become more static and siloed, with fewer bridges between disparate parts.”

These are the results of the post-COVID-19 study recently published in Nature and performed in 2020 with 60,000+ Microsoft US-based employees.

These results are very interesting as it has been claimed in many similar studies that during the pandemic productivity of employees was not affected by the remote work. Many of the previous research has only found that employees showed higher productivity due to an increased amount of asynchronous work, which is also mentioned in the study.

However, previous research did not consider how the shift to remote work is going to influence work relationships and communication between people. Many companies shifted their meeting-based culture to endless video calls, which Zoom-fatigued a lot of productivity out of their teams.

But how to improve productivity for your remote meetings?

Try taking your remote meetings into virtual reality.

You will enjoy these three benefits:

1. True feeling of presence. When you are on a video call, it’s difficult to get non-verbal communication, which takes away the human factor from the interaction. In VR, you can express yourself with the use of AI-powered avatars that show your head & hands movements.

2. Focus. When you are in VR, you are in an immersive environment that keeps you focused on the surroundings. With the headset on, you can’t be distracted by emails, phone or chat. This means that during the meeting, your brain will be focused on a discussed subject.

3. Productivity tools. For effective collaboration during the meeting, you need tools that make it easy to illustrate what you are talking about or make notes of new ideas. That is why in Glue, we provide you with multiple collaboration tools that enhance your meetings.

For these reasons, we believe there is a better way to work remotely. The benefits of VR can improve communication in your team and eliminate the negative aspects of remote work discovered in this research.

Source: The effects of remote work on collaboration among information workers

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