Gartner Hype Cycle of different metaverse technologies

Polina Glukhova
June 7, 2022
gartner hype cycle of computing platforms

Metaverse was widely discussed two weeks ago at the World Economic Forum at Davos 2022. We took a closer look at the dialogue at Davos as well as checked the Metaverse focused FT Live Panel hosted in the partnership with HCL Technologies. Here are the most interesting metaverse insights that attracted our attention at Davos 2022:

1. VR is the most mature metaverse technology. There was a discussion on the readiness of technologies that enable metaverse. World Economic Forum article shows the Gartner Hype Cycle view to illustrate the readiness of different metaverse technologies. While most of the XR tech is at the Trough of Disillusionment, Virtual reality (VR) stands out as the most mature tech standing now at the Slope of Enlightenment. This is in line with our view of the market and choice of technology as well.

2. Collaborative metaverse applications can help enhance inclusivity in the hybrid work model. During an FT Live panel hosted in partnership with HCL Technologies, the future and practical applications of the metaverse & VR were discussed. Valerie Beaulieu-James, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at The Adecco Group pointed out the potential of collaborative metaverse applications to enhance inclusivity at the workplace when also remote participants will have a presence in the meetings, not just a voice.

3. Simulating real-world scenarios in the metaverse can be used to manage risk. On the FT panel, Don McGuire, Chief Marketing Officer at Qualcomm, broads up a practical example of how metaverse can be used to manage risk. McGuire referenced the importance of being able to run real-world simulations in the metaverse for risk mitigation. “In high-risk jobs or industries, users can iterate and take risks in a safe virtual environment,” he said. We fully agree that simulation training is one of the core use cases of extended reality applications

Most of the panelists are optimistic about the metaverse, but clearly, the whole concept of the metaverse is still in the developing stage. That said, VR as a technology is already ready for prime time for enterprises and applications like Glue today are delivering productive remote collaborations to teams around the world.

Our partner, HCL Technologies, also had Glue meetings running at their booth at Davos 2022 to demonstrate the practical use cases of VR based collaboration. Read more about HCL Technologies Davos 2022.

Source: 3 technologies that will shape the future of the metaverse – and the human experience

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