WFH impact on environment

Polina Glukhova
April 19, 2022
work from home impact on environment

International Energy Agency (IEA) published “A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use” which addresses the emerging global energy crisis and proposes 10 actions that can be done to reduce oil consumption, in a long run these actions also bring sustainable benefits.

2 points from the report caught the attention of our Glue Team:

“Work from home up to three days a week where possible ”

The home office is not news anymore, but how much does it actually contribute to the reduction of oil? Before the pandemic commuting to work in advanced economies contributed to around 2.7 million barrels of oil use per day.

While around one-third of the jobs can be done remotely, hence this measure can easily help to reduce oil use without jeopardizing workers’ productivity. IEA estimated that 3 days of a home office can avoid around 500 kb/d of oil use in the short term. At Glue, we think that this number can be reached or even exceed with the use of proper remote collaboration tools.

“Avoid business air travel where alternative options exist”

This point is really close to Glue’s values and mission. The report says that in many cases the use of virtual meetings can be an effective substitute for business travel and using an alternative avoids 260 kb/d of oil use in the short term. With Glue, our virtual collaboration platform, we have been having productive meetings with our customers abroad since 2019 as Glue provides a true feeling of presence in immersive virtual spaces where remote teams can collaborate, co-create and make decisions effectively.

For our Glue Team, sustainability is one of our cornerstone values and with our virtual collaboration platform we help companies and teams around the world to make their everyday business more sustainable. We think that the reduction of oil use should not be only a temporary measure as these actions positively contribute to the environment overall.

Source: A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use (IEA)

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