Metaverse impact on organizations

Polina Glukhova
April 12, 2022
metaverse impact on organizations

“71% of global executives state that the metaverse will have a positive impact on their organizations, with 42% believing it will be breakthrough or transformational,” tells Accenture in their Tech Trends 2022 report.

These are indeed intriguing insights about how executives are expecting metaverse to impact their business, but the fact is that still plenty of companies haven’t even started experimenting with these new experiences due to unawareness of how metaverse can positively influence their business.

However, Accenture is also addressing this by providing several good starting points for the metaverse journey. In their report, they suggest that metaverse can be introduced to a company’s operations without high risks by starting from the investigation of use cases and empowering the development teams to perform tests and experiments.

The report also states that “immersive technologies for training or productivity have been tested and experimented with for years.” And at Glue, we have plenty of use cases of this which have been proven by our customers.

Already since 2016, Glue – a virtual collaboration platform, has been successfully used eg. training, workshops, team meetings, brainstorm sessions and product showcases giving our customers an edge in the new digital world.

Check our customers’ showcases on the Glue website and if you haven’t tried virtual collaboration just yet, Book a demo with our specialists to learn the benefits you can get with Glue.

Source: Accenture Technology Vision 2022

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