Be you in Glue: dress your avatar for work in our new range of clothing and headgear

Jussi Havu
March 17, 2022

HELSINKI—MARCH 17, 2022Glue Collaboration, the leader in collaborative, real-time VR software services, today announced a new version of Glue, including clothing, hats and head coverings that give users the opportunity to fully express themselves in the virtual world. 

“Dressing for work in the metaverse is liberating as you can be anyone you want,” said Jussi Havu, CEO Glue Collaboration. “But at Glue we also want to empower our users to be their authentic selves when they step into their 3D workspaces. For many, that means being able to dress their avatars in clothing and headgear to express their faith and identity.”

What’s new in the latest Glue

More ways to express yourself

Glue has continuously developed its avatars to make communicating in 3D workspaces natural and seamless. Glue avatars already leverage AI facial animation and lip syncing technology to closely mimic people’s behaviors and features. Users can also configure their own avatars by adjusting face shape and features, hair and clothing as well as customizing colors. 

Further expanding the possibilities for self-expression, the new Glue introduces a large assortment of clothing and headgear. Caps, headscarves and veils are offered alongside ethnic wear like the sari and thawb. Users can find the new articles in the Glue avatar configurator. Each is displayed alongside a description to help users choose the right item for their avatar.

Improved desktop streaming and enhanced audio

The new Glue also brings visual and audio improvements. For one, users sharing a file or program from their desktop on a presentation screen in their Glue space can now do so at higher resolution. Text, imagery and any other content users stream now look sharper. Glue has also made upgrades to improve the usability of the desktop streaming feature.

The new Glue also introduces new audio settings and features, including an echo reduction button. The upgrade further enhances users’ overall aural experience and underscores Glue’s approach to providing 3D workspaces that are zones for distraction-free, immersive collaboration.

An infinite empty canvas for 3D model imports

Glue users have imported all kinds of 3D models into Glue’s existing range of Team Spaces, ranging from vehicles, engines and machinery to replicates of factory production lines. Now, with the new Glue, users can import entire buildings. For this, Glue has added ‘White Space’, a new empty Team Space into which users can drop any sized 3D model. Essentially a giant canvas, this space is especially useful for builders, designers and architects, and comes with a chessboard-like floor that acts as a scale to give the right impression of size.

The new Glue is available today for all users. Book a demo with the Glue team here. 

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