Glue’s new audio upgrade: making it easier to hear and be heard

Tommi Rapeli
December 8, 2021

Our users are often complimentary about the quality of the aural experience in their virtual Glue meetings. This makes us happy because we know how important good 3D spatial audio is for effective remote collaboration. In fact, from day one we have aspired to lead the market in this field with true-to-life sound designs that add to people’s sense of immersion inside Glue spaces. Now, with the latest release of the Glue platform, our audio engineers have sought to raise the bar once again.

Our latest aural upgrade comes by way of Glue’s proprietary real-time digital audio signal processing (DSP) technology. That might be a mouthful, but the role of this software is crystal clear: to run in the background of your Glue meetings and filter out noises that do not sound like voices. It also automatically adjusts signals to optimal levels and uses advanced learning algorithms to suppress distracting artifacts from speech.

With our DSP implementation, as with any visual or audio feature and enhancement we bring to Glue, our ultimate goal is to make communication and remote collaboration easier. We know workplace meetings can be unnecessarily noisy affairs. A video call between six remote workers, for example, means the same number of microphones scattered across different environments each with unique acoustic characteristics. With each microphone picking up a variety of sound layers — the hum of computer fans and air conditioning units or the grind of a coffee machine or a phone buzzing, perhaps — a meeting can become a cacophony of unwanted man-made noise.

Another challenge stems from the sheer variety of microphones used. There’s a vast selection of audio hardware compatible with Glue. The microphones built into virtual reality headsets, headphones, laptops and conference call speakers will all have different initial levels, be of varying distance from users’ mouths, and affect voice clarity in different ways.

Fortunately, Glue’s audio upgrade helps prevent these annoyances and distractions seeping into your Glue Team Spaces. The result is a clean, crisp sound and an overall soundscape that feels realistic and cohesive. You quickly forget that voices actually originate from multiple physical settings because what you hear and how you are heard by others sounds instead like it really does emanate from the Glue space around you. This makes for more natural and effortless communication with colleagues. And because you are meeting in an actual location, even if virtual, your experience creates vivid memories of what you heard and discussed in the meeting, aiding recall later on.

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