The world’s first board meeting in VR

Juha Aarikka
June 19, 2019

Yesterday, we hosted the world’s first board meeting in VR as our own Board of Directors met in Glue, in a virtual mountain lodge offering a full array of boardroom facilities.

The two-hour meeting ran like clockwork from beginning to end as we efficiently went through everything on the agenda. And, of course, none of the meeting participants lost time travelling to a physical venue.

The meeting took advantage of Excession, the latest release of the Glue platform which we are very pleased to announce is available to our early adopters as of today.

Excession introduces some new capabilities, including digital whiteboarding and the ability to present slides and play videos in-scene — everything needed to run a board meeting or workshop.

As our own board members found yesterday, the result is an immersive, collaborative and productive virtual environment that, more than ever, looks and feels like a meeting in the real world.

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