Turku 1812

Glue produced the first Finnish historical multi-user virtual experience

Glue is a platform for virtual experiences that are shared and experienced together with multiple users. With Glue any 3D content can be used as a meeting and collaboration room for remote meetings. Users join the the meetings with their own devices - VR, AR, mobile or computer.

Virtual Turku in 1812 is the first historical virtual model designed and produced to Glue. Previously Glue has been used for the models of new industrial facilities and meeting rooms designed especially for Glue meetings.

Virtual Turku in 1812 is also the first ever historical multi-user virtual environment in Finland. Previously historical virtual virtual models have been solo experiences where each user must experience the content alone. Now multiple users can move around the model together and discuss together.

“Producing this VR application with Glue was very agile. All multi-user features and functionalities are included in Glue so we could concentrate on designing, producing and improving the 3D content. Therefore we think we are have a very good looking high quality virtual experience”, says the Project Manager Johanna Kurth from Turku Historical Museum -project.

“For Glue creating a historical content was a unique opportunity. We got new kind of content to Glue as previous projects have been very different. Historical content might be interesting for people that haven’t previously been that interested in virtual reality or augmented reality. And multi-user experiences are usually easier to adopt than solo experiences as others can help you and communicate with you. Therefore we believe that Virtual Turku in 1812 can create new VR users to Finland”, tells Sales Director Jani Leskinen from Glue.

Sales Director Jani Leskinen, Glue Collaboration, jani.leskinen@glue.work, +358 45 154 907