Contextual spaces

Dive into a sphere with no restrictions and experience every moment in a space designed for it. You can utilize your own 3D designs, or pick any of our inspiring and functional ready-made spaces.

Human presence

Glue avatars reflect your natural movement and behaviour in a full-on 3D experience. They emphasize nonverbal communication and utilise your gadgets technical features for the sake of human presence and communication.

Effortless meeting room accessories

Think about all the essentials for effective meetings, developed to the next level for an extremely easy usage. Presentations, videos, shared screens, pens, whiteboards and much more.

Any device

Enter the meeting spaces with the device you have. Glue supports VR, AR, mobile and desktop.

Cloud recordings

Save essential outcomes, annotations and notes for later use. Leave taking notes in the past and concentrate on the present.

Flexible customisation

Contact your local Glue Custom Experience Lab for your own unique collaboration application. Customisations enable agile development of advanced learning, decision making, sales and marketing solutions.