Frequently asked questions.



  • How can I get Glue?
  • Glue is available for early access clients and clients interested in own custom VR/AR training applications or custom VR/AR product show room applications. Follow the steps at Getting started.

  • What is the difference of Glue to video conference services?
  • Standard video conference services are limited to video and audio feed as well as watching documents on screen. Glue is fully 3D spatial and Glue meetings take place in full 3D virtual meeting rooms/spaces. In the shared virtual meeting room/space the spatial presence and audio helps in team communications as for example multiple overlapping and simultaneous voices don’t cause confusions common to video conferencing between larger teams. Shared common meeting rooms/spaces also have lots of free space for sharing and using more materials, presentations and screens than possible in video conference or even real world meeting rooms.

  • How many persons can attend a Glue meeting?
  • Glue has been successfully used in meetings, workshops and trainings with 15-20 participants.

  • How can I get support to technical problems?
  • Contact our support team at 


Devices / Connections.

  • What kind of internet connection do I need?
  • Glue meetings have very low bandwidth requirement. We have had successful Glue meetings with mobile 3G connections. The assets and data for the three dimensional virtual meeting rooms are downloaded to the device before entering the chosen room for the first time. Therefore entering a new virtual meeting room/space can require more and preloading the necessary room/space to Glue in advance is recommended for slower connections.

  • What devices Glue supports?
  • Currently Glue supports Windows / Mac (OSX) desktop computers as well as Oculus Quest 1 and 2 standalone VR devices. VR mode for Mac and PC users is available for all SteamVR compatible VR headsets (Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index and Windows Mixed Reality headsets).

  • Do I need VR headset to use Glue?
  • No. You can access Glue meetings also with Mac or PC computer in desktop mode. The best thing is that each user can join Glue meeting with their preferred device and have a great collaboration experience.

  • Do I need a webcam to use Glue?
  • No. Glue is not using webcam at all, like standard video conference systems, but all users are represented as 3D avatars in the 3D meeting environment. Avatar motions and gestures are based on data and inputs available from their devices.

  • Do I need headphones and a microphone to use Glue?
  • Yes, microphone is required for communication with others. Headphones are strongly recommended to enable spatial audio but speakers can also be used when no headphones are available. Some devices have built in microphones and speakers and those can be used.


Using Glue.

  • How do I setup Glue on a computer?
  • Glue comes with an installer for Windows and MacOS and is installed the same way as any standard desktop software. Latest Glue application version can also be downloaded from If you want to use VR headsets with your computer you also need to install and setup SteamVR.

  • How do I setup a Glue meeting?
  • Organize a meeting like your normal meetings. Inform participants that the meeting takes place in a Glue meeting room/space. You should inform them which specific Glue meeting room/space they should enter if various rooms/spaces are available.

  • How do I join a Glue meeting?
  • Launch a Glue application, sign in and choose a scene from the lobby list to enter.

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