What exactly is a Glue Custom Experience Lab network? It’s a hub where designers and VR/AR/3D studios can develop personalized Glue experiences for their clients.

A unique experience for your company

Glue’s customizable applications are ideal for a variety of fields, from collaborative training and sales, to marketing and entertainment. Within one of our Glue Custom Experience Labs, we’ll design and produce a next-level Glue application that suits your needs to a T.

Contact us for a current list of Glue Custom Experience Labs.

Are you a developer?

Join Glue’s developer program and start creating exceptional multi-user solutions today.

Right from the get-go, Glue offers top-shelf communication tools, multi-user functionalities, and meeting management features: everything you need to design and deliver concepts that can be seen, heard, touched, and used together.

For more information, contact developers@glue.work