We are the pioneers of human presence in virtual space

Our vision

We want to extend human presence over physical boundaries and advance human spatial communication and collaboration.

Our team

Our multitalented team of 30 people includes engineers, artists and business developers. Our key players include:

Jussi Havu, CEO

Santtu Parikka, Founder

Juha Ruistola, CTO

Juha Aarikka, COO

Sami Syrjä, Creative Producer

Jani Leskinen, Head of Sales

Kalle Saarikannas, Business Development

Tommi Rapeli, Customer Solutions

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Contact us at jobs@glue.work if you are interested in joining the Glue team.

Our investors

We are building Glue together with top tier investors.

Maki.vc Reaktor Bragiel Brothers

For more information about investing in Glue contact us at info@glue.work.

Our history

Our journey began as Fake Production, the award-winning animation, VR and gaming studio founded by Santtu Parikka in 2004.

In recent years, as our passion for all things VR/AR has grown, we’ve been drawn to an important challenge: to enable people thousands of miles apart to collaborate effectively in virtual environments, just as they might in a real physical setting.

In 2016, Santtu and our CTO Juha Ruistola revealed the first multi-user VR prototypes. These proved an instant hit, especially with our investors. A year later, as we crystallized our new mission, vision and strategy, Glue was born.

Since then, our 30-strong team has continued to build on our legacy and break new ground in multi-user VR software, developing Glue into the fully-featured virtual collaboration platform we are today.